MOHOC Inc. MOHOC Elite Ops Camera


MOHOC Inc., (formerly Rapid Industries) is differentiating itself by producing an action camera that’s optimized for military application. There is no shortage of excellent action cameras from GOPRO, Contour, Sony and Richo; however, they all suffer from a common malady, they fail to integrate with the soldier system architecture. GOPRO, for example, builds an exceptional camera but its boxy form factor limits weapon mounting or requires NVG mounts for helmet attachment and harnesses for body mounts. Of the cameras I’ve listed, Contour remains the best and most compact arrangement for weapon mounting and helmet rail mounts.  MOHOC Inc. was paying attention and are in the final stages of releasing an action camera specifically designed to interface with the operator.

The MOHOC EOC (Elite Ops Camera) borrows from many of its competitors but is packaged to seamlessly integrate with the operator by eliminating the need to use harnesses and NVG mounts; features include:

  1. Full HD video 1080p @ 60 fps.
  2. Dual capture – simultaneously captures still images while recording video.
  3. Still imaging supports manual, photo burst and time lapse capture.
  4. The camera housing is snag free, drop resistant from a height of 2 meters and waterproof to 10 meters.
  5. The MOHOC camera housing features a mounting design designated as the Curvelock system. Simply stated, the housing is designed with a curved base that follows the helmets profile and attaches to the helmet’s Velcro field. The entire arrangement is secure, snag free and low profile. MOHOC Inc. feels the arrangement is jumpable, which seems reasonable based on how securely the camera sits on the helmet.
  6. Optically the MOHOC features a fairly fast F2.8 lens with a 140 degree f.o.v.
  7. Other features include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, 1 touch operation, low light and IR support and 128GB Micro SD support.
  8. MOHOC Inc. includes dual power support (2) CR123 or rechargeable Li-ion.

MOHOC looks to be a comprehensive clean package with broad application across military and LE tactical units. Availability is looking like late 2015 and at this time there’s no official M.S.R.P., but I suspect you’ll see it come in at the $800 price point.

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