Crimson Trace’s Most Popular Products With Customers

  • The Rail Master Pro light and laser combo continues to be a top selling selection with customers. These units, the CMR-204 Universal Green and CMR-205 Universal Red, can be easily programmed to project: laser only, light only, strobing light and laser and constant light and laser. The compact and rugged units are versatile and can be attached to Weaver- and Picatinny-style rails on pistols and long guns.
  • Owners of the popular1911 pistols are plentiful, and so are those prized firearms’ owners who decide to install Crimson Trace’s LG-401G green Lasergrips® with front activation. Lasergrips are also available for compact pistol models. Some customers enjoy the convenience of pre-installed products on pistol from manufacturers such as Kimber (
  • Smith & Wesson’s M&P SHIELD semi-auto pistol is popular with America’s firearms buyers and many of those buyers have taken the next step in self-protection and home defense preparedness. They’ve equipped their handguns with Crimson Trace’s LG-489G Green Laserguard®. This product delivers a from-the-factory appearance and seamless fit while providing a powerful green laser sight.
  • Small, lightweight and powerful all describe the Crimson Trace’s CMR-201 Rail Master with red laser diode. This is America’s smallest, easiest-to-install laser sight and is designed for instant installation on any rail equipped firearm.
  • Springfield Armory’s XD-S pistols can be easily equipped with the Laserguard LG-469 utilizing Instinctive Activation. As users hold the firearm as they would when shooting, the laser automatically activates. It’s the simplest and most reliable activation system of any laser sight—period.
  • GLOCK pistols are popular, and gun owners seeking a top concealed carry pistol have opened their wallets and bought GLOCK’s Model 42 and 43 compact pistols. Crimson Trace’s LG-443 Laserguard helps these pistols become better equipped for low light and night situations. This is one of nearly two dozen laser sights Crimson Trace makes for installation on GLOCK pistols.

More details on all of these products can be found at or by calling 800-442-2406.

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