Australia Moves Forward With The EF88 Assault Rifle


EF88Australia’s LAND 125 Phase 3C project is valued at approximately $467m. The enhanced F88 (EF88) rifle contract accounts for approximately $100m or 21.4% of the total project valuation.

First on the EF88 rollout list is 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR) as a precursor to its rollout to the Australian Army. The EF88 issued to 1 RAR will be equipped with an enhanced day sight, foregrip and, for grenadiers, a grenade launcher attachment. The EF88 greatly improves mounting options for optics, laser aiming devices as well as support for grenade launcher attachment. The enhancements overcomes all of the limitations plaguing the initial F88 originally placed in service in 1988. The EF88, also known as the F90, retains all of the benefits of the Steyr bullpup design, including its interchangeable barrel, but raises the weapon’s performance and capabilities to meet present day battle requirements. Thales Australia began initial production in 2014


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