POF-USA has introduced a new adjustable gas block that it sells as the Dictator Gas Block. Then new gas block is a 9 position adjustable DI (direct impingement) gas block that provides the ultimate range of adjustability and versatility. The addition of a suppressor typically increases the level of back pressure within the rifle system. This increase will prematurely wear parts and increase the amount of gas/carbon introduced into the chamber. With the Dictator, you can now control that rate of fire, gas flow and ultimately the reliability of your system.
The Dictator is a low profile gas block, fitting under rail systems with a picatinny rail channel of ½” or greater. Adjusting the gas system is easy, the front of the gas block has a dial that accepts a flat screwdriver, 3/32” hex wrench and dictation tool included with the Dictator gas block kit.
Each Dictator gas block kit comes complete with the applicable length gas tube. The 2 lengths currently available are carbine and mid-length. This gas block is setup for barrels manufactured for a .750 gas block. MSRP $179.99
Part Number 00838 — Mid-Length
Part number 00837 — Carbine Length

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