U.S. Army Links Family of Weapon Sights-Individual To The Enhanced Night Vision Goggle Wirelessly.


Military.com ran an interesting story on the Army’s efforts to integrate its Family of Weapon Sights-Individual (FWS-I) with the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle (ENVG). In this system, the operator is able to transmit his thermal weapon sight’s image, with a push of a button, wirelessly to his ENVG; allowing the operator to quickly engage a target. This is some great news as it equips our operators with much needed technology shortening the kill chain.

Although were are enthused by the development, WiFi connections can be easily disrupted by jamming techniques falling under the spread spectrum jamming concept. These jamming techniques are even effective against frequency hoping communications systems. I fear that much of our system development is driven by experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan ignoring the potential for conflicts with developed militaries.

Maybe fiber optic connectivity would mitigate that risk and still limit weapon to operator wiring at a minimum. Something to think about.

Read Matthew Cox’s article “ Army: New Wireless Sight Offers Leap-Ahead for Night Marksmanship

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