I want to extend our apologies to readers for our technical problem. We are currently working through it.
The problem occurred when we accepted a Windows 10 push from Microsoft – readers are advised not to accept the Windows 10 upgrade from Microsoft!
Unfortunately, Microsoft did not provide a fall-back mechanism which is both inconceivable and negligent, I think amazing is the kindest word I can find but ineptitude describes it far more accurately.

Again, do not install the Windows 10 upgrade. When we have a work around we’ll let you know.

The Management



THE PROBLEM: Immediately after login in to your computer, you receive a CRITICAL ERROR MESSAGE stating that the Start Menu and Canadra are not running. You’re asked to sign out . Regardless of the number of times you sign out the error persists.

THE FIX: From the login screen you need to refresh Windows 10 so that it is forced to download a series of updates. To perform the refresh proceed as follows

  1. Go to the login screen but DO NOT login.
  2. One the lower right hand corner of the screen you’ll see the graphic of a power button. You’re going to need to click that button shortly.
  3. Now press and hold down the Shift Key then click once on the power button graphic you locates in step two. Once you’ve clicked the power button graphic,  release the Shift Key.

This procedure will run for 10 to 20 minutes and reboot twice. You’ll see system messages that updates are being loaded.

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