P1000137Way back in May of this year  I ran a Sneak Preview of CCI’s Quit-22 . This is the company’s plinking ammunition  loaded to 710 fps and topped off with a 40 gr lead bullet. We finally got a chance to get to the range with the objective to test it on a Walther P-22 with a tweaked recoil spring. Our results were disappointing but not unexpected.

The CCI Quiet-22 would not cycle the action reliably. Accuracy was poor and consistency from box to box was not very good. I tested the results against standard velocity .22LR and the difference was quite noticeable. I shot a silhouette at 16 yards – with standard velocity ammunition, I hit center mass with all ten rounds fired in rapid succession, the Quiet-22 was all over the place. Some of that lack in performance may relate to the ammunition’s low velocity interacting with a short barrel; although I observed no keyholes. Some of the rounds were so slow that I could visually trace their flight. I’m not sure what happened and CCI makes some of the best .22LR on the market; however, there was noticeable variability box-to-box.

In closing the CCI Quiet-22 is best used on a bolt action .22LR rifle at a working range of 25 yards.

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