TPG BLACK SYMMETRY™ SERIES IIIA Soft Armor and Citadel™ 10 Series Receive High Marks from NTOA.

Boynton Beach, Fla. (August 2015) – TPG BLACK, the exclusive line of American-made products offered by Tacprogear (TPG), is proud to announce that the SYMMETRY™ SERIES IIIA Soft Armor has received a 4.51 and the Citadel™ 10 Series Hard Armor Plates, has received a 4.93 out of a possible 5 from the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Member Tested and Recommended Program. TPG has the privilege of displaying the prestigious NTOA Member Tested and Recommended Logo in their marketing materials.

The testing officer from Wyoming remarked that the SYMMETRY™ SERIES IIIA Soft Armor Vest fit well and said “if you are looking to purchase your own vest, it is definitely worth looking at for purchasing. [It] is as good as and much better in many areas than every vest I have ever worn.” When it came to the Citadel™ 10 Series hard armor plate, the officer commented on how it did not add much noticeable weight to a regular vest and that the product was easy to use. He continued, “it provides a lot more coverage for a little bit of weight while not adding much to the profile of the vest or adding much bulk. If you are looking for a lot more protection for a tiny bit of weight and size, this is the product to buy.” “When the TPG SYMMETRY™ SERIES IIIA Soft Armor Vest first arrived, all I could think was ‘this is so fluffy!’ The inside part of the carrier has a thin pillow-like effect to it which is encapsulated in a mesh-like material. Does this help the inside of the vest be more breathable? I think so,” commented the testing officer from Florida. She continued, “Overall, the vest seems to be of better quality and design than vests I’ve worn from a high-end female-only company. I highly recommend females try this vest in the future.”

In regards to the Citadel™ 10 Series, the Florida testing officer said “the plate does not seem to add a noticeable amount of weight or stiffness (in terms of mobility) to the vest when wearing it. It appears to be well constructed and rather practical. I would definitely recommend this style of plate to those who wish to upgrade the trauma plate they currently have.”

Finally, the testing officer from Connecticut was pleasantly surprised by the extreme comfort of the SYMMETRY™ SERIES IIIA Soft Armor Vest and the durability of the product when cleaned. The ballistic panels were easily removed and the carrier came out of the washer and dryer without shrinking and without visible wear marks. The testing officer also stated “that if you get this vest, you have to get the Citadel™ 10 Series hard armor plate. It is feather light and adds that extra protection which you will hopefully never need. It is an excellent addition that provides superior protection.”

With a thickness at just 0.289” and a medium flexibility, the SYMMETRY™ SERIES IIIA Soft Armor is made from 3000D Twaron® Microlam, 1000D Twaron® Laminate and 500D/750D Twaron® Ripstop in a BLACKSEAL™ construction with a Brookwood 70D with laminated polyurethane protective cover and sealed with a Sonobond Ultrasonic Bond. It is available in all TPG vest patterns, as well as OEM Armor specifications. The SYMMETRY™ SERIES IIIA Soft Armor has undergone Special Threat Testing conducted in accordance with an abbreviated and modified NIJ 0101.06 and TPG Special Threat Testing Protocol. Product applications include concealable body armor, external carriers, plate carriers and tactical body armor. Made in the USA, the Citadel™ 10 Series are lightweight hard armor plates made from 100 percent polyethylene with a polyurea protective cover. It is one of the lightest weight NIJ compliant stand-alone level III plates on the market today. Product applications include concealable body armor, external carriers and uniform carriers and is rated to protect against handguns and edged blades. For more information on any of the TPG product line, visit or

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