Primary Arms ACSS Reticle Dissected

This week’s shoot-the-shit is a super presentation  by one of YouTube’s best reviewers Mrgunsandgear. In this video, he engages Dimitri from Primary Arms, the ACSS designer, and guides the viewer through every aspect of this very capable reticle. The ACSS reticle is available in several of Primary Arms’ optics and has also been adopted by Trijicon as an option in the ACOG. One point that was missed in the presentation that is worth mentioning is the effect of inclination angle on the use of a vertical ranging reticle. When using a vertical ranging reticle to range a target that is above the shooter’s firing position, the target appears longer against the ranging reticle; therefore, distance estimates will be shorter than the actual target distance. When the target is below the shooter’s firing position, the target appears to be shorter against the ranging reticle; therefore, range estimates will be longer than the actual target position. In this situation the shooter should consider using a horizontal ranging reticle, which Primary Arms call a center-mass reticle.

We’d love to hear your opinion of Primary Arms’ ACSS reticle!

Enjoy the video and be sure to subscribe to Mrgunsandgear Channel. Have a great weekend. Be safe, get to the range, or do something with your buds and family.

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