HSGI and RE Factor Collaborate To Deliver The HSGI NVG Counterweight

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HSGI and RE Factor collaborate to deliver the HSGI NVG Counterweight.

The NVG Counterweight, conceived by RE Factor is designed specifically for individuals using NVGs with battery pack attachment.  The pack comes with two x .45lb parkerized steel plates to give the user an additional weight of just under 1lb.  When combined with the battery pack and batteries the total counter weight can equal up to 1.5lbs offsetting the helmet mounted NVG goggles helping to make use of NVGs a more comfortable experience.  The slim counter weight design helps keep  the helmet from pushing forward when riding in aircraft or vehicles.  In addition, unlike other counter weights on the market, the counter weight does not impede the use of the NVG battery pack. 
The HSGI NVG Counterweight by RE Factor is designed to allow the user to still use the on-off toggle switch as well as easily change out batteries without needing to remove the battery pack or pouch.  In addition three small pockets can be used to stash survival gear, batteries or any other small mission essential items.  The pack comes with an outer loop panel for adhesion of patches or addition illumination marking equipment.
A hook panel on the back of the pouch adheres to the back of common OPS-CORE/Team Wendy Helmets as well as two bungee support tabs that adheres to the side of the helmet to help keep the pouch in place in austere environments.

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