Crimson Trace Free Holster Guide

Crimson Trace HolsterHolster Fit Guide

In an ongoing effort to better serve customers, Crimson Trace now offers a FREE online holster guide at This new resource helps guide Crimson Trace customers in selecting the best holster option(s) for their firearm equipped with laser sights in an easy-to-follow format. The website details include: the Crimson Trace product, firearm manufacturer and handgun model, available holster manufacturer, and then the available holster models.

“This new holster resource guide was designed from the ground up with customers in mind,” said Donald Wright, Crimson Trace Director of Sales. “This resource is part of the companywide effort to help customers be better prepared—and more comfortable if they choose to carry a concealed handgun. This guide sets the new industry standard in customer service and assistance.” The holster guide is open for everyone without need for an access code.

The great news regarding holsters—as this free online resource reveals—is that there are a large number of holster options. The resource website provides information from nearly two dozen manufacturers and covers more than 2,000 holsters. Those numbers will grow as the website is updated—and expanded—on a regular basis. Crimson Trace partners with numerous holster suppliers and manufacturers, including: BLACKHAWK!, Blade-Tech, CrossBreed, DeSantis, Galco, Mitch Rosen, Tactical Tailor, Bravo Concealment, and others.

Crimson Trace customers already know that when a new Crimson Trace product is released to retail outlets, the holsters are also readily available for purchase. Crimson Trace works closely with holster manufacturers as they develop forms and holsters. All the details—and results—are provided at

Another source of holsters is Crimson Trace’s online store found at The website offers a full line of holsters—detailed in images—that will fit many handguns, including: 1911s, Beretta, Kimber, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, and others. Some Crimson Trace laser sights and lights are also sold in a package with a ready-to-use holster.

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