Personal Eye System (PES) By Mil Sistemika


I finally had a chance to sit-down and write a review on what I think is one of the best Blue Force Tracking, Situational Awareness, C4ISR packages C.O.T.S. on the market. When used with PES Server, this feature rich, easy to use Android app supports a full set of navigation functions, COP (Common Operating Picture) updates, blue force tracking and remote sensor integration. MIL Sistemika offers two version of the PES app, commercial and professional. I have the opportunity to review both.

Off the shelf, professional training organizations, government agencies and law enforcement will find that PES meets or exceeds the majority of their requirements including a high level of data encryption; however, MIL Sistemika is a full system integrator capable of tailoring their C4ISR suite to meet your requirements.

If you’re an Airsoft enthusiast, or don’t require all of the features of the professional version of PES, the commercial version is available at a very reasonable price as is a PES Server subscription to provide real-time data sharing. PES runs on an Android platform. You’ll want to check PES out for sure but first read my review…

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