Fabryka Broni Showcases Its New Line Of Assault Rifles Designated Modular Small Arms System MSBS 5.56mm


Polish Small Arms manufacturer, Fabryka Broni, unveiled its full line of assault rifles, in carbine and bullpup configurations at the MSPO Defense Exhibition in Kielce. The new rifle is available in 11 variants all chambered in 5.56mm N.A.T.O. Five of the 11 weapons are offered in bullpup configurations.

The MSBS line has a unique upper receiver assembly that supports interchangeable barrel assemblies which allows the rifle to be converted from carbine to sniper rifle or squad level LMG,  handguards, a classic lower receiver with a collapsible stock, or in bullpup configuration.

In the Fabryka Broni design, the upper receiver assembly is the The Polish Modular Small Arms System calibre 5.56 mm (MSBS-5.56) family of assault rifles in bullpup configuration. (Fabryka Broni)“center of the universe” upon which all things are attached, including a bullpup configuration, in contrast to our AR-15 designs where the lower receiver is the base upon which the weapon is built.

The MSBS is scheduled to also replace the Russian SKS carbines currently used by Polish ceremonial units.

At SHOT SHOW 2015, in Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to speak with a representative who indicated the company’s plan to open a Texas manufacturing facility to make the MSBS rifles for the U.S. commercial space.

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