American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN) Adds New ThOR Thermal Sight Models


South San Francisco, Calif. (September 2015) – American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN), innovators of advanced night vision, thermal imaging and digital Smart HD optics for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military and law enforcement, adds four new models into its ThOR Thermal Weapons Sight System product line for 2015: the ThOR336 1-4X, the ThOR336 4-16x, the ThOR-640 1-8X and the ThOR-640 2.25-18X.


The new ThOR Thermal Weapons Sight models have been designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and security, as well as hog and predator hunters, operating in darkness. The ThOR uses the latest in miniature thermal sensor and OLED display technology to cut through the darkness and provide superior thermal vision at an affordable price. The ThOR has a digital menu so individuals can quickly customize it to their preferences. It has an E-Zoom that allows one to digitally magnify the target and five reticle patterns to choose from so one can say goodbye to a black reticle on a black and white target. Entirely designed and manufactured in the USA, the ThOR comes with a three year warranty on the entire system and a 10-year warranty on the thermal core.


ThOR Thermal Weapon Sight Specifications:

                                             ThOR336 1-4X    ThOR336 4-16X    ThOR-640 1-8X    ThOR-640 2.25-18X

Optical Magnification:                   1.2x                   4x                       1x                         2.25x

E-Zoom:                                        2.4x, 4.8x           8x, 16x              2x, 4x, 8x             4.5x, 9x, 18x

Frame Rate:                                     60 Hz              60Hz                    30Hz                     30Hz

Weight:                                            1.5 lbs.           1.87 lbs.              1.5 lbs.                1.87 lbs.

Distance of Human Detection

(w/o Zoom):                                     625m             1500m                 625m                    1500m

Distance of Human Recognition:   280m               600m                  280m                     600m

Distance of Human Identification: 170m               360m                  170m                     360m

MAP:                                                $2,999              $4,499                $4,999                  $6,299

The new ThOR models each include three batteries, a lens tissue, warranty card and instruction manual. The ThOR Thermal Weapon Sight comes in a hard, portable MIL-SPEC storage case.

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