TNVC Has A High Utility Accessory For You–The Batteryclip

Batteryclip_af-1.jpgThe BATTERYCLIP provides a highly-functional way to organize, store, and transport commonly-used batteries.  A familiar magazine-style design keeps batteries protected from damage, dirt, and debris, while assuring they do not accidentally discharge.  Because everything runs on batteries, it is very common to have a handful of extras tossed in a bag or loose in a pouch.  This makes them hard to find in the dark, while digging through a pack and increases the danger of them overheating by coming into contact with a conductive surface.  Designed by a veteran sound engineer for onsite cameramen, the BATTERYCLIP is a safe and convenient method to keep batteries on hand.

The BATTERYCLIP uses a spring-loaded follower to push fresh batteries to the top of the device where they are easily deployed by pushing out with your thumb.  A “round count” indicator on the back of the BATTERYCLIP immediately shows how many are left.  The smooth, snag-free exterior surface allows it to easily  be slid in and out of pockets, pouches, and packs.

Batteryclips are available for AA, CR123A and 9V batteries M.S.R.P. $19.95

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