Beretta Unveils It’s New 7.62×51 Platform The ARX200 AT DSEI London

At this year’s DSei, Beretta unveiled its newest vision for a Designated Marksman Rifle. The ARX200 chambered in 7.62×51 features a free floated 16 inch barrel on an aluminum reinforced polymer chassis.
Operating controls are all ambidextrous and include bolt release, magazine release and safety. The ARX200 also features a folding and collapsible stock with adjustable cheek rise.
Absent from the design is the quick change barrel assembly found on the ARX160. The charging handle is interchangeable from side to side but ejection is fixed on the left side.
Ergonomics is very similar to the company’s ARX160 but parts commonality is limited to the trigger subassembly.
Although not officially designated as a DMR by Beretta the ARX looks pretty DMRish to us with its stated 1.5 MOA performance at 100m.


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