i3 Identification International Biometric Badging And Enrollment System

DSC_3302Identification International, Inc. (“i3”) addresses needs that range from large national deployments to small single office solutions. i3, a Blacksburg, VA headquartered company, has delivered leading edge products and solutions since its founding in 2004.

i3 was the first manufacturer to FBI certify a truly portable fingerprint live scan device. This achievement formed the basis of their digID product line and the many patents resulting from that development effort. Another example is the FPCheck fingerprinting service that has been designed with customer ease of use in mind.

The company’s digID series scanners are built from 85+% U.S. sourced parts and their Vize ID software is completely designed and written in Blacksburg. Research and development, manufacturing and support are based in their VA corporate headquarters.

At the 2015 Global Identity Summit, in Tampa, i3 Identification International demonstrated their Biometric Badging and Enrollment System. This is a field deployable package weighing a mere 43 pounds and supports biometric multimodal identification and enrollment. The system supports facial, iris, voice, writing and speech modalities. It is GPS enabled so enrollment files can be georeferenced. On the back end, the company’s BBES supports a TELCO RJ-11 interface but the company is capable of developing any communications interface required by their customer.

This is precisely the capability needed to process the tsunami wave of refugees entering the EU from North Africa and the Middle East. Although original documents are missing, damaged or forged, collecting multiple modalities is essential to refugee safety and host country security.

This video provides the reader with a high level overview.


For additional information and contact details visit www.idintl.com

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