We promise to limit political posts to as few as possible, but the upcoming 2016 election has enormous implications for us all, and we are tired of the debate hoopla. Having CNN and FOX, or any network for that matter, supply moderator and debate panels is about as revealing of candidate position as walking through the dark of night. These debates are nothing more than commercial events to drive ratings and advertising revenues. So, we’re proposing the following changes.

  1. No more than two debates per election cycle for each of the parties. This means two debates per party prior to the primaries, then two debates prior to the general election.
  2. Moderator to be chosen from the academic community.
  3. Debate panel should come from the opposing party’s national committee. So if the candidates are Republican, the debate panel should be representatives from the Democratic National Committee.
  4. Cost of the debates should be absorbed by the parties and  licensed to all networks.

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