Bawidamann Karambits Available



Well….. here they are. Finally.  Our “most ripped off model” in China, and some of the time the selling websites even claim funny little things like it was designed by Israeli Mossad… It was designed here in the good old USA by Andrew, Ben, Steve Hacht and Bryce Grey. I have a limited amount of these due to the way the design creates so much steel waste. They are Not cost effective to make, but I refuse to sacrifice the design just to get more out of a sheet.
I’ll be running them in Black or Fenrir, for this run, and a few for special finishes for knives of the week. A few are ready to go, but I’m catching up the second set of 16 pieces to the first set…. so Ship date on these is Oct 27th.  I can only run so many at a time, so Get’em while they are here!

Ben Bawidamann

Comes with Black, Additional Color handles available for purchase.

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