Setting Eunit And Wunit Parameters In Kestrel’s AB Weather Meters

It’s Friday and time for our weekly shoot-the-shit. We hope the Force has been with you throughout the week. Today, we’d like to shed some light on a topic that requires a bit of illumination – How to properly setup Elevation units(Eunit) and Wind units (Wunit) in the Applied Ballistics Kestrel meter. It’s not intuitive.

When initially setting up a gun in the AB software, the user is required to enter a number of parameters like muzzle velocity, bullet weight and SH (sight height). The user is also asked for Eunit (elevation unit) and Wunit (wind unit). Here the user is given a choice of mil, tmoa (true minute of angle), smoa (shooter’s minute of angle) or click. It’s very simple at this point to assume that you are being asked how your elevation and wind turrets are calibrated, which is not correct.

When you select the Eunit what you’re actually doing is selecting how the firing solution is displayed. For example if one lets Eunit = tmoa  Eclick defaults to N/A and there’s no way to define the Eclick (elevation click value) the same holds true for Wunit. The latter holds true if you set Eunit and Wunit to mil or smoa, the corresponding Eclick and Wclick value will be N/A. In all three scenarios, your ballistic firing solution will display Elevation and Wind values in Mils, TMOA or SMOA.

It is only when you select Eunit = click and/or Wunit = click that you are allowed to define the click value and here is how you do that.

Example 1

To set Eunit or Wunit for clicks proceed as follows.

Set Eunit = click  – move down to Eclick – Press Enter – now adjust to match the elevation turret’s calibration (per tmoa, per smoa or per mil) – select a value, for example “per tmoa” – Now Exit to get back to Eclick – Lastly, using the adjust arrows select the appropriate click value, for example 2/tmoa.

Your display will look like this…

  • Eunit     click
  • Eclick   2/tmoa

Example 2

The shooter wants to use holdover or under for elevation but wants to dial in wind. This is the appropriate setup for that configuration.

Eunit = mil Eclick = n/a

Wunit = click Eclick = 10/mil

Example 3

The shooter wants to dial elevation and hold for wind, but he has an optic reticle that is calibrated in MOA.

Eunit = click  Eclick = 2/tmoa

Wunit = tmoa   Wclick = n/a

When you look at the ballistic solution, the elevation parameter represents clicks and the wind parameter will be the hold in tmoa.

This is a feature that allows the AB application to adapt to a wide range of reticles and shooter preferences. If you are shooting with a reticle that provides no ranging information, for example a duplex reticle set Eunit = click and Wunit =click.

As customary, all shoot-the shit rules apply so let us hear from you.

Have a great weekend readers, be safe and spend some quality time with your buds and family!

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