Surviving A Hand-To-Hand Encounter

While perusing a publication, we ran across an article that attracted our attention. Before jumping to any conclusions,  we know the training depicted is conducted by a highly reputable and competent individual, so this is in no way a criticism of the training and/or trainer. Having said that, our opinion on hand-to-hand  is that surviving an encounter requires the observance of some basic rules.

  1. Hand-to- hand engagements are a pain in the ass. They are not a measure of manhood and if it were to be discovered that you got into a hand-to-hand engagement, applications to yacht clubs, country clubs or Upper East Side Commons would be immediately declined. Hand-to-hand engagements occur because you failed to lanyard your pistol and carry a knife.
  2. It’s quite likely that your assailant is not wearing a plate carrier with 20 pounds of gear attached. Hence, your assailant has a great grip on you.
  3. If the assailant is pulling on you do not try to pull away. Walk right into the guy and if you can get into his skives do so.
  4. If the assailant is pushing on you, do not stand there and resist the guy. Walk right back with the guy.
  5. The next rules require the use of the two pictures below…



6. An assailant that is holding on to you with both hands is unlikely to be holding a gun or knife to use against you.

7. If you are holding on to your assailant you have no way to use your knife or gun.

8. Keep cool and thinking the fight will always go to the individual that is thinking.

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1 Response to Surviving A Hand-To-Hand Encounter

  1. Samson Gris says:

    Great additions! Of course there are no rules to fighting for survival, but, I would add, be prepared to get hurt because you probably will be. If he is a knife fighter you will be bloody before you see the knife, don’t stop fighting, be violent. Clint Eastwood said, ” a mans got to know his limitations “. My friends in Israel are dealing with deadly confrontations daily. They win when they make space and use their weapons to end the encounter swiftly.


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