Desert Tech announced the company’s own vision of a ballistics application, marketed as TRASOL (Trajectory Solutions App.)  iOS and Android version are available for $39.99

TRASOL was developed for precision shooters who desire first round hit accuracy to 1500 meters and beyond.  By developing new ballistic algorithms that reshape predictive flight curves to align predictive solutions with Doppler radar data, TRASOL provides the most accurate predictions available.


In live-fire testing of TRASOL’s predictions (using .338 LM ammunition and strict manufacturer’s published data), the following results were documented:

– Within 0.1 MRAD up to 1400 yards
– Within 0.5 meters up to 1700 yards
– Within 1.1 meters at 2200 yards

Noteworthy Features:

a. Automatic stability & spin drift calculation
b. Coriolis
c. Automatic Density Altitude Calculator
d. Multi-Wind Bands
e. Cant
f. Tracking of Cold Bore
g. Tracking of Zero Settings
h. Field condition zero profile tracking

Other Important Features:
* 3500 Meter Ballistic Calculator
* Trajectory Tables
* Scope true click value compensation
* Multi-Wind Inputs
* Drag Coefficient Input
* Cold Bore Tracking
* Save Multiple User tracks
* Save Multiple equipment tracks
* Track multiple zero’s when swapping calibers or installing suppressors.The

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