Thales has worked with field staff to develop an innovative smartwatch concept. Connected via a secure link to the command center, the 6-Watch For You (6W4U) alerts officers to danger simply by vibrating when an important notification comes in. With an easy-to-read pictogram displayed on the watch face, a quick glance is all it takes to know what the threat is and where it’s located. From a safe distance, officers can then use their smartphones to obtain more information and if necessary contact their command center. The 6W4U is designed to be the officer’s sixth sense, alerting them discreetly to any potential risks.

The 6W4U provides a smart link between members of a police patrol. With its built-in sensors and data transfer functions, it can provide command centers with audio, images and video feeds. And with its multiple notification modes for each mission and context (discreet, normal, detailed), it adapts to the needs of individual officers, helping them perform their missions more efficiently and more safely.

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