We are extremely impressed with Magpul’s PMAG® 10 AK/AKM MOE®. One of the issues with magazines and the AK patterned rifles is that not all magazine wells are created equal and with the number of AK variants on the market it’s not unusual to run into fit problems. This is particularly common with polymer magazines. Magpul, as usual, has done their homework and we benefit from their thoroughness.


The PMAG® 10 AK/AKM MOE® perfectly fit and locked in the two AK variants we tested. These magazines not only fit and lock well they also feel great. The beveled magazine plate is a huge plus. Inserting and extracting the magazine in the weapon was vastly improved. This is as a direct result of having a beveled floor plate. Exterior texturing is also excellent; providing an exceptional griping surface.

Other than regulatory compliance for your home state or municipality, these 10 round AK magazines are ideal for a number of applications and readers should consider adding a handful to their existing kit. At $12.95 M.S.R.P., they’re worth every penny. Check them out!

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