Time’s 2015 Person of the Year is out and the distinction goes to German Prime Minister Angela Merkel. We congratulate Ms. Merkel on being selected. Concurrent with Time’s selection, The FOG HORN is pleased to announce our nomination for 2015 Jackass of the Year  which goes to Quentin Tarantino.

Quentin Tarantino Picture

Philosophers, who rank up there with psychologists and psychiatrists as useless fields of endeavor and living proof that free markets produce sufficient surpluses to absorb the overhead, would say that in order for good to exist there needs to be bad, which is what drives our annual event.  So, in keeping with that logic we identified one individual, out of several candidates, who in our view brings new meaning to the noun “be·night·ed·ness.”

Mr. Tarantino is either an opportunist, or has spent way too much time with people who’s intellectual capacity is limited to faking orgasms on a set, when he describes cops as murderers.  We’d like to suggest that Mr. Tarantino spend a month or two riding along with LAPD as they perform their jobs. I think the exposure to miscreants and conditions under which officers operate, day in and day out, would add some clarity to what is otherwise a vulgar display of foot-in-mouth.

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