As we get ready to slow down the presses to enjoy the Holiday Season with our families, we want to leave our readers with a profound (at least in our opinion) shoot-the-shit topic. As with all shoot-the-shits you can participate by making totally unsupported statements, use profanity, insult anyone you wish or change subjects all together. We gladly give you that opportunity all at no charge. Having said that…

Some of society’s luminaries have advanced the theory that fear and greed are the two greatest motivators. This is a polite way of presenting the idea that you can control someone by instilling fear or appeal to their sense of greed. I suppose that one could point to individual cases where those strategies have been effective; however, taking the long view we see that both concepts have failed miserably. Greed has resulted in lackluster performance and fear in insurgency.

Since the tragic events at San Bernardino, the media, liberal and conservative, have been advancing the idea of some great “national fear.” This message is packaged and distributed 24×7. Readers, there is no national fear, I live in a major metropolitan area and I can categorically say to you that no one here is living in fear. However, fear promotion opens windows of opportunities for agendas that we need to be alert to. The liberal community, spearheaded by a biased media, are hoping to use “fear” as the path to attack  2nd Amendment Rights. The conservative community sees “ fear” as a way to point out the failures of an administration.  None, have committed sufficient intellectual capital to address the problems; so the certainty in all this is that you’ll never see clear and effective policy.

What I love about our country is the fact that our people have balls the size of bowling balls, a national trait that applies to man, woman and child. So, blow all this fear crap off; see it for what it is and do what you normally do.

Have A Great Christmas!

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