Scopecoat Acquires Slideboot

Virginia Beach, Va. (January 2016) – Scopecoat LLC, makers of patented optics protection for transportation and storage, has announced its acquisition of Slideboot, a handgun slide cover company previously owned by Gunhugger Enterprises, LLC of Phoenix, Arizona.

Slideboot was developed to eliminate the need for gun rugs or traditional plastic boxes when transporting handguns to the range, in the vehicle or while in safe storage.  The soft neoprene cover protects the slide and sights from dings, nicks and scratches.  The form fitting Slideboot saves space in the range bag or safe and as an added benefit the neoprene is not affected by oils so you can clean and treat your firearm and store it in a Slideboot without oils migrating to other surfaces within the safe.  The custom fit Slideboot stretches onto the slide easily and can be removed quickly for full access to the weapon.

The Slideboot line consists of seven custom sizes supporting the majority of striker fired and 1911 handguns available.  Made from high quality neoprene Slideboot comes with a variety of colors and can be customized with logos to support agency, association or club activities.

“The Slideboot line fits extremely well into the Scopecoat family of products.” Terry Naughton, president of Scopecoat explained. “Both product lines are American-made in our factory in Arizona. Both use high tech neoprene materials for a perfect fit.  And, both provide excellent protection against damage, dust and moisture. The addition of Slideboot supports our growing dealer network and the initial reaction at retail has exceeded our expectations.  We are seeing Slideboot displayed on firearms in the gun counter and used for nightly storage protecting inventory investments. Once it is seen in action the Slideboot becomes an easy accessory sale.”

Scopecoat is expanding and dealer inquiries are welcome. Interested dealers can contact Scopecoat via email at or by calling 1 (757) 689-6064.

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