Bryan Litz On The Effects Of Wind

Bryan Litz is a ballistician for Berger Bullets and Applied Ballistics. Bryan has authored a number of authoritative books on the subject of ballistics. His software, published by Applied Ballistics, can be found on a number of devices including the Kestrel Wind Meters by Nielsen Kellerman. The Applied Ballistics software and smart device app is considered an industry standard used by law enforcement and military units across the world.

Estimating the effects of wind is a complex vector problem. A vector is a measure that has both magnitude and direction. Vectors add and subtract like real numbers and in solving wind problems we attempt to estimate the resultant wind vector.  The weather meter is a tool designed to provide the shooter with the scalar component of the wind vector, in other words its high, low and average speed. It will also give you direction at the shooter’s position. The shooter is still required to read mirage and vegetation movement down range to arrive at a reasonable resultant wind vector. DARPA, and the defense industry are developing laser based tools that will soon be broadly available to solve the wind estimation problem. Wind estimation errors are responsible for virtually  all of the missed shots by competent shooters.

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