Another company needing little in the way of introduction is Ashbury Precision Ordnance. The company has built its reputation building some extraordinary precision rifles, advanced chassis and a number of accessories integral to the tactical precision shooter.

This year, I had the opportunity to checkout the company’s RSTA-II tripod head. Proficiency in shooting from a tripod is essential to a comprehensive skillset. The problem has been that tripod heads, of most commercial design, are built for photographic equipment. Until APO’s introduction of the RTSA-II, mounting a rifle securely to a tripod was fraught with issues like freedom of movement, especially on steep angle shots or when panning to track the target. Large caliber precision rifles often weigh much more than what a conventional tripod head is designed to support. For example, a .50 BMG rifle with optics, full magazine, thermal or night vision optics and laser designator is well over 30 lbs. Most commercial tripod heads have a practical limit of 20 lbs. or less. This limitation is what prompted the Hog Saddle from Shadow Tec. With the introduction of the RSTA-II, shooters have a tripod head designed from the ground up to support a large caliber precision rifle with accessories.

The RSTA-II Tripod Head with Rapid Control Handle (RCH) can be set up for right or left hand control, and provides a positive locking ±35 degree head which completely holds a 25+lb long gun using a MIL-STD 1913 rail grabber, Pig Saddle or APO AnyPoint Bipod/Tripod Mount. RSTA-II heads independently attach to many quality tripods ( we recommend using the Manfrotto 055XPROB)

M.S.R.P $315

You can catch Frank (Lowlight) Galli’s interview with Matt from APO here

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