Badger Ordnance At SHOT Show 2016


Badger Ordnance has done more to improve on the Remington 700 platform than any other company on the planet, and the author of that success story is Marty Bordson. His company’s rails, scope mounts and scope rings adorn the rifles of some of the most prestigious tactical and military units in the world. One would think that as successful as he is, Marty would be aloof – not one iota; in fact, if you approach Marty with questions you’ll walk away with in-depth answers. If you are an LE or military sniper or long range precision rifle enthusiast Marty’s company, Badger Ordnance, needs no introduction.

For 2016, Badger Ordnance departs from its broad line of mounting hardware and bottom metal to introduce a complete rifle in two models, the M134 and M134 Mod1 Compact Rifles. The M134 will be chambered in .308 or .260; the Mod 1 in 300 Blackout. The M134 is built on Badger’s own M2013 action while the Mod 1 will feature the Remington 700 action. The stock is a joint venture between Manner and Badger Ordnance constructed from carbon fiber for stiffness and light weight and features a seven position adjustable butt plate.

DSC_0014The M134 is built on Badger’s M2013 Short Action (also available in LA and .338 Lapua)  machined from 4143 Steel. What I like most is the bolt’s six locking lugs bolt achieved using three 2 lug patterns. The action features a 20 MOA MIL STD 1913 base as standard equipment. The rifle is fed by a  Detachable Magazine System and Accuracy International AW 10 round magazines. Shooters will have a choice of two barrel lengths 14.25 “ terminated in a pinned and welded muzzle device to satisfy NFA requirements and a 16” barrel length that will be terminated in 5/8 x 24 threads for suppressor attachment or other muzzle devices.

Other nice features include a I2/Thermal mounting system forward of the scope rail. The mount is implement “a la cap”; if you don’t want the mount simply detach it from its imbedded mount included as part of the stock. Marty has also equipped the 6 o’clock forearm with a Picatinny rail for bipods or tripod attachment systems and QD cups port and starboard.

We don’t like speculating on anything if for no other reason than journalistic integrity, but I know that there are overactive salivary glands among the readership ergo…

  • Availability – probably Q3 2016
  • Pricing – North of $3500


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