I had the Kalashnikov USA booth on the must see list because I was very interested in checking out the company’s 103 series Avtomat Kalashnikova. These rifles are gorgeous and a close inspection reveals quality workmanship and components throughout. Try as I may, I waDSC_0115s not able to extract specific details on price and availability. Any production delays may be related to parts availability. However, I will say without reservation that patience is warranted.

Kalashnikov USA is also introducing a KR9 rifle. This is a 9×19  blowback operated rifle which the company will offer in SBR form, pistol and rifle. Hands on the KR9 was a no-no; however, the company is looking forward to 2016 availability at a price point that’s below $1,000 USD. You’ve got to love the Krinkov SBR. We’ll update readers as more details become available.


Kalashnikov USA also debuted a vastly enhanced and modernized ALFA rifle chambered in 7.62 x 39. Everything on this rifle is new including the receiver and furniture. Full length rails, side rails magazine release and safety selector are all major departures from the vintage AK-47. Rumor has it, that ALFA rifles will be available at some point in 2016.

The company is also producing and shipping SAIGA 12 shotguns and those will in fact be shipping early in 2016.

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