Had a great visit with the Dead Air Armament staff at Shot. A great bunch of guys with a very impressive product line; firing their Sandman suppressor at Media Day convinced me of that.  The company produces a very high quality multi-caliber suppressors. The center fire suppressor sells as the Sandman.  The Sandman comes in three different models: S, L and Ti with MSRP ranging between $849 for the direct thread  Ti model to $1,199 for the QD Sandman L. All of these suppressors are usable  on hosts chambered up to 300 WinMag.


DSC_0400The Centerfire Pistol suppressor is also a multi-caliber suppressor that can be used with hosts chambered in .22LR, 300 BLK (Subsonic), .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 10mm and 9mm. The Ghost™ is full auto rated and can broken down to a short configuration. Applications that require a higher level of sound suppression can be easily accommodated by changing the Ghost back to its long. M.S.R.P $949

DSC_0401Dead Air also builds a thread on rimfire suppressor marketed as the MASK. The company uses a blend of titanium and 17-4 PH stainless steel construction for direct thread applications. This suppressor is end-user serviceable and suitable for use in .22LR .17 HMR and  5.7 x 28 hosts. M.S.R.P. $449


DSC_0404Dead Air also manufactures muzzle devices that include a flash suppressor, muzzle brake and their latest device the Pyro. The flash suppressor and muzzle brake serves as a suppressor mount in addition to its other duties.

The company’s Pyro is an interesting accessory mounting as a QD device to the Dead Air’s muzzle brake and flash suppressor. It appears that its principal function is to contain the side blast from a muzzle brake. However, its Star Wars appearance makes for a nice finishing touch for you AR build.

In closing, this Duluth, GA company makes one heck of an impressive suppressor. You’ll need to check that out for your self; however, I was thoroughly impressed with a Sandman suppressed AK47.

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