Magnum Boots is my favorite boot supplier for two reasons. First, the company’s boots are superbly comfortable. Second, they stock and sell wide sizes. Magnum Boots does not sell gimmicky footwear; they simply wear well, comfortable and durable as hell.

For 2016, the company is introducing two uniform boots the STRIKE FORCE and Magnum OPUS. Both should be available in September 2016.

The STRIKE FORCE is first to use Armourgel, a new energy absorbing material in footwear. The material has dynamic properties and stiffens on any impact to provide protection but flexes when protection is not required for safety and comfort. The Strike Force will also feature a Michelin rubber outsole inspired by the Michelin Power Rain tire and Michelin Pilot Alpin tire, so STRIKE FORCE should be incredibly stable on a variety of terrains.

The Magnum Opus is a trainer variant that is lightweight but should do really well for those high speed low drag kinetic operations. This boot has a Kurim protective upper which offers high abrasion resistance, while protecting the foot. The outsole is what you would expect from a high performance all terrain running shoe thus making the Opus ideal for running through mud, scaling walls, climbing ropes, or just pounding the pavement. This is the evolution of Magnum’s fit for purpose footwear. The Opus boot will be available in Coyote and OCP

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