With Juggernaut Tactical At Shot Show 2016


M1A aficionados will remember California company Juggernaut Tactical and the  M14 Rogue Chassis for the M14 / M1A platform. Juggernaut was one of the first to introduce an advanced chassis for the M14,  designed around the bull-pup concept. Their approach opened up application opportunities for the M14 / M1A not previously possible; not the least of which was mounted or in vehicle use of the rifle. The  Rogue Chassis shorted the M14 by 11 inches but preserved barrel length, and more importantly distributed the weight back towards the shooter. If you’ve ever shot a suppressed M14 or M1A unsupported you know exactly what I mean.

For 2016 Juggernaut Tactical has introduce a complete rifle, the Rogue X-Rifle, with some very interesting features; they include a modified action by Bula Defence System, shorter 19 inch barrel, AR style safety selector and left side non-reciprocating charging handle.

The Rogue X-Rifle should be available Q2 of this year at an M.S.R.P. of $2,499


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