TGIF, we’ve made it through another week and it’s time for our weekly shoo-the-shit. This is an event when you the reader can make any unsupported comment, insult anyone you wish, use profanity or change the subject altogether. So, here we go…

Apparently the City of San Diego , who by the way benefits enormously from a huge military presence, has published guidelines for all of its employees to follow under the title of “Visual and Correspondence Style Guidelines” placing demands on its employees to banish a number of words and phrases like “the common man,” “mankind,” “manmade,” “man up” and suggesting substituting “Founding Fathers” with “Founders.” It created so much turmoil that San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer reversed the City’s position. You can read the original story line here.

You have got to be shitting me! What the hell are these people thinking about. When an elected official undermines the very instrument they are sworn to uphold and protect, you set a new standard for hypocrisy. The Founding Fathers created a document that presented an amazingly clear vision and mapped the development of a nation that is the greatest democracy in the world and it just blows me away to see a growing batch of elected officials that can’t wait to trash it.

If this isn’t enough incentive for you all to get out and participate in the 2016 election cycle, I don’t know what is. Absolutely amazing!

Have a great weekend folks!  Try to spend some quality time with your buds or family but above all be safe.



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