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Who is Radetec?

Rade Tecnologías specializes in research and development of new technologies with a focus on their application to firearms. They develop electronic devices that enhance the security and control in the use of firearms. The company was founded in 2004 as the defense and security division of Grupo Empresarial Electromédico (GEE), an established business with more than 30 years experience managing and maintaining electronic equipment for hospitals. Radetec is headquartered in Madrid and Zaragoza,  Spain. The company has recently opened a branch in the U.S.

I was already familiar with Radetec products prior to my Shot Show visit with the company,  in particular their shot counter product and a very impressive application usable at the armory level to manage weapon maintenance. I developed a rapport, over the past three years, with Jose Cuesta, Radetec’s Head of R&D. I kid him about being Gallegos. – you need to be from Spain to understand that; however, he remains resolute in advancing the idea that they really are from Zaragosa, Spain.


At this year’s SHOT Show, Jose took me through one of their new products marketed as Safe Shooting Range. The product goal is to provide military, LE and civilian training ranges with a reliable remotely operated weapon control system. The system consists of  the Lock Remote Control (LRC) Unit and the Lock Assembled Components (LAC). The LAC is a solenoid operated tamperproof  intervention system installed in the actual weapon. The LRC is an r.f. control unit used to send commands to the LAC at distances of up to 100 m. The range instructor can shut down one firearm or all. The range officer can also create threshold to manage muzzle elevation and muzzle direction. If a threshold is exceeded the weapon is disabled mitigating the risk of shooting across lanes or negligent muzzle management.

My opinion, at first glance, were I range officer at a police academy, police department, government agency training range or civilian training facility I would give RADETEC Safe Shooting Range a very serious look.

You can even disable firearms that grow legs! Check it out, it’s time well spent.

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