FIME AND MOLOT – Exclusivity Agreement and Vepr 12 Shotgun



The legendary Russian Molot factory now has a solid and long-term partner in the United States. In late 2015, FIME Group LLC and Molot Oruzhie Ltd have signed a long-term exclusivity agreement between the two companies to cover the entire North American market.
FIME Group has established a solid track record for successfully manufacturing and also representing reputable brand names and product lines from various Eastern European countries in the United States, covering everything from sporting and hunting rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Molot Oruzhie is famous for its line-up of Vepr shotguns and rifles. Based on the RPK weapon design and principles, the Vepr is one of the toughest and most rigid systems in the world.
While FIME Group and Molot Oruzhie have had successful business relationship in the past, the two companies were able to hammer out a firm agreement, which will enable the shooting and hunting enthusiasts in the United States to have access to much wider line-up of Molot Oruzhie products, with full warranty and service back-up and ample supply of spare parts and accessories. The combined forces of FIME Group and Molot Oruzhie, with advanced capabilities in engineering and manufacturing is poised to turn Molot from a “best kept secret” to one of the well recognized and respected brand names in the United States.
And now, the Vepr 12 shotgun, the flagship product of Molot, has been imported and is available in the market for purchase. This semi-automatic, magazine fed 12-gauge shotgun is truly the pinnacle of quality, durability, and authenticity, making it the perfect overall shotgun for self and home defense, sports shooting, and hunting applications. The construction of the Vepr 12 shotgun, from its RPK design based heavy duty trunnion block and receiver to its tubular buttstock and chrome lined barrel, speak volumes about its quality.
The Vepr 12 shotgun is filled with features such as:

  • Ambidextrous safety lever VEPR 12
  • Spring-hinged top cover with integrated Picatinny rail
  • Adjustable padded cheek piece
  • Elevation adjustable front sight
  • Windage adjustable rear sight leaf
  • Bolt-hold-open feature engaged with a manual button or on the last round
  • Straight-up magazine well and release button
  • Threaded barrel
  • Left-side folding tubular buttstock with padded shoulder piece and rock-solid folding mechanism (on some models)

There are currently two configurations available at incredibly low introductory prices:

VPR-12-01 Fixed Tubular Stock $724.99
VPR-12-03 Left-Side Folding Stock $1,199.99


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