Drone is a new rag printed in the U.K where UAVs are out of the closet in a very big way. Our interest in drones is that they are part of the ISR fabric with a rapidly increasing commercial application. Be it hobby, delivery, security, surveying or aerial photography the UAV is steadily revealing its value.

In the UK, DRONES have become serious business and December 2015, saw the initial launch of the UK Drone Exhibition at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, UK.

Drone enthusiast have come together in clubs to hold drone races and a number of other organized activities. Schools have also popped up that allow students to receive commercial UAV pilot training. Once certified, the student is able to operate UAVs (fixed or rotor) for commercial applications like in-town deliveries. With respect to hobby and / or commercial use of Drones, the EU is further along than in the United States.

20160220_132106It’s no longer the Wild Wild West out there; China, Japan, USA and EU have all announced and implement regulations to control the use of drones. In the United States for example, UAVs meeting specific size and weight guidelines must be registered with the FAA and registration numbers must appear on the drone body. Japan, is using drone deployable nets to capture UAVs operating in restricted airspace.


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