Steiner M830r LRF 1535nm


The M830r LRF 1535nm ranges farther for targeting accuracy. It calculates target distance from 25 meters to beyond 6,000 meters, using a wavelength invisible to normal night vision devices. Opponents won’t know they’re being targeted, your position stays hidden, and challenging targets can be zeroed in. With Steiner’s high-precision optics and longer-range accuracy, the edge is yours.


Ideal kit for mobile troops who travel light. Lenses and prisms are combined with state-of-the-art coatings to provide bright, crisp images at any range. Ranges can be set to meters or yards.

  • Magnification 8x
  • Weight 860 g (30.3 oz)
  • Global item no. 2626 (M830r LRF 1535nm. RESTRICTED)

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