Steiner M536 5X Tactical Sight

Close and medium range engagements require lightweight, quick-to-point sights. The lean M536 provides a fast, clear aiming point in all light conditions and battlefield scenarios. An oversized, 36 mm objective lens gathers more light for a brighter image, 5x magnification puts rounds on target out to 700 meters, and the 10-setting illuminated reticle lets you instantly transition from close-quarter to medium-range targets, day or night.

Close- to medium-range tactical sight with multi-coated 36 mm objective, 5x magnification, illuminated day/night ballistic reticle. Waterproof, shockproof, tough, and utterly reliable.

  • Global Item no. 8786-5.56 (5.56 reticle)
  • Global Item no. 8786-7.62 (7.62 reticle)
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