The TNVC NVG Adapter for GoPro HERO cameras allows you to capture the highest quality night vision video from the operator’s perspective.

The TNVC NVG Adapter will attach any HERO model to a night vision goggle with a PVS-14 Eyepiece Assembly. The PVS-14 Eyepiece assembly is the most commonly-used eyepiece in professional night vision and thermal equipment; insuring maximum versatility. A translucent Wilcox Industries amber beam-splitter attaches to the rear of the goggle, bouncing the night vision image 90° into a perpendicular-mounted GoPro HERO camera. The camera mounts snugly against the goggle to minimize profile, via a clamp arm that attaches around the NVG Eyepiece Locking Ring. The user sees through the beam-splitter eyepiece normally while the first person POV is recording.  A note about attaching to a PVS-14 NVG: The NVG Adapter for GoPro HERO Cameras will only fit single battery PVS-14 models.  It will not fit dual battery models.

The Amber Beam-Splitter has a non-glare/reflective coating to insure no light flare in the video while also reducing the green glow signature on the operator’s face. However, the tradeoff is a slight reduction in light transmission. TNVC recommends setting the NVG’s gain to its highest and using an infrared illuminator in extreme low light environments.

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