Readers we’ve made it through another week and look forward to some great weather and a well earned, fun, weekend. In last week’s shoot-the-shit topic we introduced you to the formalities of  a dinner table. Well, we had great feedback from our readers some on which cannot be shared as their language suggested certain contortions of the human anatomy. However, you are all very classy folks and there is no better way to flush out a neer-do-well and social fraud than through casual observation at the dinner table. To help you be all that you can be, we want to expose you to some of the finer points of dining. Remember that by practicing you’ll develop that all important muscle memory.

To that end, we shot a short (fun) video that details some of the finer points of using a knife and fork. Right off the bat, never push food on to your utensil with any part of your body. Two, when cutting meats never use an icepick grip on your fork and never bring the cut meat to your mouth with your left hand. Always rest the knife on the edge of your plate and use your right had to raise the fork to your mouth.

Remember we always love hearing from you and that all shoot-the-shit rules apply. Have a great weekend; enjoy your friends and families but above all be safe.

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