It may interest you to know that the suppressor sector is booming, and we can all thank the pioneering work from companies like SWR, GEMTECH and Advanced Armament, all of whom personify the spirit of small business entrepreneurship. The good news for consumers is that the vibrant competition in today’s market is leading to improved technologies and lower prices. Yeah, there’s a lot of fluff out there but there’s also some exceptional  technology with correspondingly impressive performance. One example of that is Georgia based Dead Air Armament. Keeping up with what’s new is a full time job so I have to complement the folks at Small Arms Review for the work they’ve put into SAR VOL 20, No 3  which is not a comprehensive but focused treatise of  ATF definitions, NFA regs, suppressor technology and suppressor history. SAR // Vol 20 No3 is on the racks now and available for purchase. If you are just getting started or have an interest in sound suppressors you’ll want to pick up a copy, it’s well worth the $6.95 price tag.

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