Zapata Racing Flyboard Air

Zapata Racing started life competing in powered water craft events. The company’s founder Franky Zapata has been engaged in designing high performance hydro propelled devices. Zapata’s latest project, still in development, is  the Flyboard® Air. Unlike the hydro-propelled devices, like the Jetpack, that require a hose for water intake, the Flyboard® Air is fully autonomous.

The Flyboard Air is an independent propulsion unit with some impressive capabilities not withstanding its limited operating time of 10 minutes. The Flyboard Air has an operating ceiling of 10,000 feet and a top speed of 150 km / hr. or 93.2 mph.

I can think of a number of military or tactical applications for the Flyboard Air. How about getting to the top of a building or an emergency egress. Or, perhaps negotiating a terrain obstacle or board a vessel.

Zapata Racing is a French company. Organizations interested in taking a closer look at the prototype, contact Franky Zapata at

Enjoy the video…

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