TrackingPoint Introduces Mil-Spec Stealth Attachments for Precision-Guided Firearms

TrackingPoint announced three new products today for night-time missions.  TorridTM Thermal Imaging, VividTM Gen-3 Night Vision, and HushTM Silencer attachments are now available for most TrackingPoint Precision-Guided Firearms.  The defense-grade products are designed to support total-darkness missions for the military, SWAT teams, law enforcement, and civilians.  These stealth product offerings are in support of TrackingPoint’s efforts to be a primary advocate of the Infantry Soldiers and Marines. Each device comes with a Stealth Kit software-upgrade thumb drive.  The Stealth Kit adds features and controls to users PGFs for Thermal, Night Vision, and Silencer attachments. In February the company announced Gen-2 night vision capabilities for Precision-Guided Firearms.

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