It’s Friday and time for our weekly shoot-the-shit. This is the one time of the week when you the reader can make unsupported statements, use profanity, insult anyone you wish or change the subject altogether. Folks, a therapist, an individual who studied a behavioral science (loosely defined because there is no science to it) so they could understand themselves, would charge you for what we deliver absolutely free. That’s value!

All joking aside, I’ve had a very trying week. My bicycle saddle and I almost had an intimate relationship. I tried reconstructing the event, not because I liked it, to make sure it doesn’t repeat itself, without success. To make a long story short, the saddle’s nose found its way to my intergluteal cleft, had there been further penetration I would have filed criminal charges. For the life of me, I still can’t figure out what the hell happened.

So, how do you guys and gals like this election year? It’s amazing readers; I’ve never seen anything like this from both Republicans and Democrats. Hillary Clinton undoubtedly has Bernie Sanders dolls that she’s sticking pins into hoping he’ll collapse. Bernie is probably wearing  garlic cloves around his neck.

On the Republican side the informed opinion is that Donald Trump will take Indiana and West Virginia and if that happens Ted Cruz and John Kasich can call it a day. Ted Cruz says he’s not about to let that happen and he’s hitting the ground hard in West Virginia, and influenced by former Speaker John Boehner’s Lucifer comment this is what a his West Virginia Town Hall could look like…


Alright, we’ve had enough fun for one day and it’s time for you all to have a super weekend. Try to get to the range and be safe. Enjoy time with your buds and family – it is perishable.

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