Barrett 4050 HF SDR (Software-Defined Radio).

Barrett Communications, headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, has announced the upcoming release of its new 4050 HF SDR transceiver. At first glance, this is quite the HF transceiver, featuring 2G/3G linking and a host of other features normally not associated with the generally “boring” HF world. I’d love to get some hands-on time because it looks very, very interesting indeed. The 4050 HF SDR is aimed at a broad market including peacekeeping, law enforcement and security organizations, humanitarian and non-government organizations (NGO) and commercial businesses.

IP network connectivity makes integration with existing networks simple and on-board Wi-Fi allows for secure  seamless operation and control of the HF transceiver via iOS, Windows or Android based devices or via Windows or OSX on desktop computers. Mr Greg O’Neill, Managing Director of Barrett Communications explains “The level of user accessibility at a local and remote level is a highly significant technological advance in the HF radio communications market.  This can all be achieved whilst still providing secure communications via encryption, or frequency hopping options.”

Multiple languages will be available as standard on the transceiver. This will initially include Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish with additional languages being added progressively. When the Barrett 4050 HF SDR is teamed with other Barrett HF products it also provides secure digital voice, secure email, data transfer and telephone connectivity within an HF network and onward to the international telephone network and internet.

About Barrett Communications
Barrett Communications is the specialist designer and manufacturer of commercial and tactical HF and VHF radio communication systems. The Company’s global distribution and customer support network in over 65 countries allows it to provide both OTS and turnkey network solutions to meet their client’s exact requirements.
Since 1976 Barrett Communications has provided HF communications solutions for government, military, business, humanitarian and AID organizations around the world.

Additional information about Barrett Communications is available at

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