The SOFIC 2016 International Special Operation Forces (ISOF) Capabilities Demonstration is one of the many highlights of this year’s SOFIC conference held annually in The City of Tampa. The ISOF Demonstration is conducted every other year and draws huge crowds from the Special Operations community and their industry partners.

In this year’s demonstration, Tampa’s  mayor, Bob Buckhorn is taken by a terrorist organization and held aboard a large yacht at anchor between Tampa General Hospital and Tampa’s Convention Center. Fearing a response, the terrorist organization moves the mayor off the yacht to a hut on shore. ISOF springs into action by inserting two SEALS who will swim on close circuit breathing apparatus and clear the dock area in preparation for a boat assault. Two MD 530 Little Bird will insert snipers on the roof tops of the Tampa Convention Center and Tampa General Hospital. Two MH60 Blackhawks enter the area; one deploys combat swimmers who will board the vessel, the second will insert a boarding party by fast rope. Upon clearing the yacht they discovered that the mayor was moved to shore. A waterborne assault is ordered using two rigid hull inflatable craft. Tremendous gun fire ensues, the mayor is located by the assault team and secured. A squad HALOs in to the AO and land in the water. All units prepare to EXFIL the area along with the combat swimmers by SPIES.

We hope you enjoy the slide show and feel free to let us know what you think…

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