DSC_0962STI’s Parasim is a virtual reality parachute training system currently in use across the U.S. military. The company has been a great supporter and longtime exhibitor at SOFIC .

STI is two synergistic businesses:

Engineering services: Consulting in design, control, modeling, analysis, testing, requirements definition and systems identification. Clients with internal engineering teams outsource to STI to solve difficult dynamics and control problems. The company performs early stage audits to prevent costly issues later. Their government handling qualities and flight control requirements expertise (from NASA to the FAA) is a key asset.

Simulation products and platforms: Years of engineering consulting and R&D successes have laid the foundation for STI’s own simulation products, which increase effectiveness while reducing cost in areas like training and human performance assessment. PARASIM has been the global standard for parachute training for 15 years. STISIM Drive redefined the driving simulator, giving it a broader role from occupational therapy to clinical studies to fleet training. Fused Reality is a technology platform that enables the next generation of virtual and augmented reality. The company also develop specialized analytical software.


Their PARASIM exhibit has to be one of the more popular spots for conference attendees. Where else can you brush up your HALO jump skills or experience them for the first time. PARASIM can duplicate specific Areas of Operation (AO) to rehearse operators in an accurate and controlled environment.  PARASIM has been the standard for aircrew and paratrooper training for nearly 20 years, with nearly over 300 systems sold worldwide. PARASIM is used now by the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines for premeditated airborne operations and emergency egress training. It has also been used by military forces around the world for over 10 years, with a continually growing global presence. PARASIM is being continuously updated and improved, with recent expansion into mission planning, combination jumping, and free fall maneuvering applications.

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