The AN/PVS-21 is a Low Profile Night Vision Goggle that utilizes sensor fusion technology to move the image intensifier tubes out of line with the optics, which allows the width of the unit to be significantly shorter than most other NVG’s, accounting for 3-4” less protrusion from the operator’s face.

The AN/PVS-21 also uses a patented “folded optics” system that projects the night vision image into a pair of see-through optics similar to a HUD.  This means that the operator can literally see through the lenses regardless whether the unit is engaged.  See through optics add a whole new level of versatility. The tube no longer controls image brightness; if an operator is exposed to too much ambient light, the HUD image fades allowing the actual scene to be viewed through the lenses.

The AN/PVS-21 comes with a specially-developed, Patent Pending Refocus Ring that snaps over one of the objective lenses.  The lens can flip up out of the way or be flipped down in front of the objective.  This revolutionary little device will instantly refocus the objective lens to a close-in distance.  The operator does not need to refocus the actual objective lens because this innovative lens does it instantly.  The Refocus Lens focuses the view to within 18-24” and is extremely useful for quick radio checks, map/compass reads, weapon remedial action, emergency medical, etc.  One of the most interesting abilities of the Refocus Lens is that it allows the operator to engage threats with a pistol’s iron sights.  That right: accurate threat engagement with a pistol’s iron sights.  The Refocus Lens goes over the shooter’s dominant eye objective lens, while the non-dominant stays focused at the standard range.  The brain melds these two images, allowing the operator to focus on the front sight of the pistol and the distant threat- just like normal.  This takes some training to master, but the bottom line is that it is possible!


  • Eye Relief: 15mm
  • Operating Altitude:  sea level to 35,000ft
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30ºC to +52ºC
  • Immersion: 3m standard; 10m special
  • EMI/EMC: mil-std-461, class A#, REO2, RSO2, and RSO3
  • Weight: 760 g
  • Aux. Illumination Source:  two IR LEDs – off/low/high
  • Batteries: single AA battery 1.5-3.6V alkaline and lithium batteries are interchangeable
  • Mount: precision, quick-release mounting on helmets and head harnesses
  • Video Inputs: Integrated HUD Port
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